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YardGuard Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

YardGuard Lawn Fertilizing

Fertilizing and Weed Control Programs

Yard Guard Fertilizing uses top quality products at the right time and rates of application in order to provide you with the best possible applications, gaining the best results for your money. Your lawn is a living plant, therefore it needs proper monthly nutrient and care in order to be healthy and vibrant.  Below is the recommended applications that Yard Guard Fertilizing and Landscape Maintenance offers. 

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office.

YardGuard Lawn Fertilizing
YardGuard Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases differ greatly in their nature and cures.  Don’t be fooled, it takes a professional to give a proper diagnosis and remedy for your lawn diseases.  There are many factors that can cause diseases and with that, there are certain ways to handle and cure certain lawn diseases.

First Step:  Contact Yard Guard Fertilizing so that we can come and see your property and diagnose what disease your property has

Second Step:  Put together a plan to remedy such diseases.  This may include something as simple as adjusting watering schedules to something more intense as disease applications and cultural changes.  Either way, we will walk you through the process until diseases are gone.  Remember, we take a professional approach to a long-term cure. 

Third Step:  Execute plan and monitor results of our plan and adjust as needed. 

Disease Control Treatments:  In some cases, disease control treatments may be needed.  If so, here is what to expect.  Disease Control Applications are done in a series of three.  These three treatments will be performed anywhere 1-4 weeks apart depending on the disease being treated. 

Not all fertilizers are equal

Not all fertilizers are equal. Our products are the BEST in class. We have worked on special blends and coatings to provide your lawn with very slow and continual feeding. This will keep your lawn looking its BEST. Our weed control is applied at just the right time and rates to optimize its effectiveness. This program is sure to be a game-changer for your turfgrass.


Early Spring Starter:  This application assists the lawn in a nice spring green-up.  It gives the lawn the boost it needs to start the season out for recovery from the winter months.  This application may also contain micro nutrients for soils to help microbial activity.


Late Spring Weed and Feed with Crabgrass Prevention:  This application gives a blanket treatment of weed control for those broadleaf weeds like dandelions.  It also provides essential nutrients that were used  by the grass plant as it came out of winter dormancy.  This application also contains crabgrass prevention.  This application may also contain micro nutrients for soils to help microbial activity. This is definitely a powerhouse treatment for every lawn.


Early Summer Application:  This application gives continual nutrients to the turf as it begins to prepare for the summer heat and drought stresses to come.  It will keep the lawn looking healthy and stong.  At this time we can also treat for weeds as needed.


Mid-Summer Application:  This application offers vital nutrients to the lawn to store and use as needed through the heat and drought of summer.  This treatment is key to the overall health and vigor of the lawn.  Weeds will be treated as needed at this time as well.


Late Summer Application:  This application will assist the lawn in recovering from heat and drought stresses.  This treatment allows the lawn to store and use nutrients as needed to stay healthy.  Weeds will be spot treated as well as needed at this time.


Fall Weed and Feed Application:  This application aids the lawn in receiving nutrients used in fighting summer stress.  This  application contains a blanket treatment of fertilizing and weed control again.  Many weeds have multiple live cycles in a season.  THis application may contain micro nutrients for improved soil conditions. This application will keep those weeds at bay, while feeding the lawn.


Winterizer Application:  This application prepares the lawn for the long winter months ahead.  It stores up nutrients and uses them again in the spring to help with that nice green up. 


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