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YardGuard Lawn Fertilizing

Grub, Insect, & Perimeter Pest Controls

YardGuard Lawn Fertilizing

Insect Control

There are two main types of turf insect pests.

  • Turf Damaging:  These insects actually feed on the grass plants and/or root systems.  These insects will do damage to turf causing you to have to replace it.  There are many of these types of insects.
  • Non-Turf Damaging:  These include insect pests like spiders, fleas, ticks, ants, etc.  These pose other risks to people and animals.  They can be controlled with proper treatment

How the program works:  This program is a three-application program.  These applications are approximately 30 days apart during the active time of the year for insects (May-Sept.).  There is no product that can effectively control the entire season.  All products breakdown over time with rain/irrigation, sunlight, mowing, day to day use.

Grub Prevention

Grub Prevention is very important to many people, especially if you have ever had to deal with grubs in the past.  Despite what you hear, proper grub prevention has a window of time for the application to achieve desired results.  We provide an annual treatment at just the right time for proper control of grubs.  If you do not want to risk the devastation of grub damage, then contact us to schedule your preventative treatment today.
YardGuard Lawn Fertilizing
If you notice Japanese Beetles (like the one in the right of this photo) around your landscaping, widows screens, rose bushes, or anywhere else, you should be very concerned about future grub issues.  It is best to protect your investment each season rather than replace your lawn. 
YardGuard Lawn Fertilizing

Perimeter Pest Control Program

Nobody likes the feeling of creepy crawly things in their home.  Yard Guard Fertilizing has a solution for you.  We have a specially designed perimeter pest program to give you the control you need.

How it Works:  This program is a monthly application five times a year during the active season of insects and spiders.  This process creates a barrier between your home and the outside world.  The barrier is what will prevent insects such as spiders and ants as well as many other insects from wanting to enter your home.

The Process:  We spray around the foundation of your home as well as around basement windows, entry doors, and windows.  This is a highly effective way to keep unwanted guests from entering your home. 


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